First impressions are everything…

Cooper and me (Wife is taking photo)

Hello! Thanks for stopping my blog. My name is Cody McVey. I’m 30, married to my wonderful wife, Megan, and we have a beautiful baby boy named Cooper. When the Sun’s out, I work as a Communications Specialist. However, when I’m not working or spending time with my family, I love to get busy playing video games.

I love to think about all aspects of a game when I play – the graphics, the story and its message, what inspired the developers to create it, etc. There’s so much more to a game than sitting there and mindlessly mashing buttons!

I created this site because although I love to play video games, I also want to write about them. This site will host a variety of information, ranging from game reviews and “top” lists, to industry news and interviews.

My favorite genre is the devilish-platform “Metroid-vania” games. But I do enjoy a variety of other styles and look forward to checking out whatever is interesting and thought-provoking!

Enter “Thoughtful Gamer”. This is a place for like-minded people to read my thoughts on the games I’m playing, and to share their own. Together, we’ll get the most out of these beautiful works of art.

More info to come soon!

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