Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remastered – Why Millennials are Excited

Hold the -effing phone! I get to attempt 900s with Tony Hawk once again? *Squeals in delight*

With Activision’s recent announcement of their remastering of the iconic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2, it seems even the video game industry isn’t immune to what some people might deem a “cash grab”. Slated to come out September 4 of this year, fans of the beloved franchise are eagerly awaiting to see if the remastered version sparks the much-anticipated nostalgia of their childhoods. And spoiler alert: it looks awesome!

The art of remaking something decades old isn’t new; it’s prevalent in other industries as well. One need not throw a stone far to hit a film remake. Comic book movies are notorious for vomiting out numerous iterations, while companies like Disney are focusing less on original ideas and more on live-action remakes (Lion King, Mulan) of their classic films. And those are just a couple of examples.

THPS isn’t the only remaster Activision has its eyes on either. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is also slated for a glow-up this year. This sparks another age-old debate between purists and rebels: should these games be revived or left in the past in peace?

I’m going to kick this party off by choosing a side: I’m a rebel. I’ve always been open to new ideas. It’s part of the creative in me. When it comes to things being remade/remastered, I typically don’t complain about it (unless it’s already been regurgitated an obscene amount of times). When the announcement dropped about THPS being remade, I got excited.

The main reason I’m excited is because I’m a millennial. I grew up playing THPS. Anyone near my age (I’m 30) can remember doing tail grabs inside an empty warehouse while “Cyco Vision” by Suicidal Tendencies blared through the speakers. Not only were you having a blast, but you were simultaneously pissing your parents off too. It was an angsty adolescent’s dream game.

Another reason I’m excited for the remake is that Vicarious Visions is at the helm. The developer was behind the hit remake Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. They also put together the THPS portable games, so they have experience in developing in this area. I’m going to wager they’re aware of the delicate dance they must perform to successfully pull this off. A revivalist must know when to take creative risks and when to leave something the hell alone.

Even though I’m excited for this remake, I still have my reservations. The THPS series was like the Fast & the Furious franchise. What started out as an excellent first couple games quickly turned into an assembly line of sequels (starting with THPS 5) and experimentations (RIDE) that fell flat of the original game’s splendor. Companies seem to enjoy capitalizing on the popularity of something, often sacrificing the product’s sanctity in the process.

If the remake of THPS 1 and 2 are successful, what’s to stop Activision from remaking THPS 3 and 4? The latter two were just as good as the former, so it would stand to reason that Activision could very well continue churning out remakes if the dollar signs are stacking up. It’s a slippery slope that could lead them down their original path (tread lightly, Activision).

One might also consider the timing of this remake. The announcement of the remake comes while the world dwells in a global pandemic, where many gamers worldwide are confined to their homes. With extra time on their hands to play video games, it seems oddly coincidental that Activision would release such a nostalgia-heavy remake at a time when gamers could use something positive in their lives. With the eventual passing of the pandemic and gamers being sent back to work, it’s possible that interest in this project could wane. I mean, would Tiger King have been as popular if people had anything else to do besides curse at Carol Baskins?

Regardless, I still stand with my original excitement for this remake. I’m still a rebel, and I’m open to the idea of THPS 1 and 2 being remade – if it’s done right, which seems to be the case. Also, I could never kickflip worth a damn, and these games are the only way I can accomplish that without a quick trip to the hospital.

Are you excited for this game to come out? Drop a comment below and let’s talk about it!

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