Hard video games: Why some players choose the unthinkable

Does this image make you feel anything? How about this? Oof… Feeling old-school agitated? Let’s move up the timeline a bit… Have you reached your boiling point? Let’s try a current state of frustration… Have you played any of these infuriating video games? You have? Great! Perhaps, a better question is: Have you beaten anyContinue reading “Hard video games: Why some players choose the unthinkable”

Video Games and Relationships (How to Manage Both)

I’m sick and tired of video games constantly being slandered. Angry parents, spouses and partners often refer to them as “wastes of time” that only children should play. A question to anyone who’s anti-video games: Being a member of several online video game groups, I can’t go a day without reading something along the linesContinue reading “Video Games and Relationships (How to Manage Both)”

First impressions are everything…

Hello! Thanks for stopping my blog. My name is Cody McVey. I’m 30, married to my wonderful wife, Megan, and we have a beautiful baby boy named Cooper. When the Sun’s out, I work as a Communications Specialist. However, when I’m not working or spending time with my family, I love to get busy playingContinue reading “First impressions are everything…”